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New facts have emerged regarding the fabricated story of GermanWings Flight 9525.  There are 3 key issues that will be addressed:  1. The phony story of a pilot attempting to use an axe to break into the flight deck.   2.  A remote hijack recovery system that could have been used to prevent this crash.  3.  The fighter jets that escorted the plane into the mountain.

It is a well known fact in the airline industry, that the cockpit can be accessed by punching in a code via keypad on the door.  It makes absolutely no sense that the pilot would use an axe to gain access to the flight deck.  Yet the mainstream media tried to sell the public on this blatant lie!

A remote hijack recovery system was available, but not used to recover this A320, even though it was obviously in distress.  This was clearly being discussed when I accessed the Boeing web site, in the pilots blogs.  Why was that system not activated during the eight minutes in which the plane was in obvious trouble and without pilot communication?  There was plenty of time to recognize that the plane was out of control and would crash without intervention. Why did they not activate the hijack recovery system?

0_0_0_0_301_232_csupload_67015156A lone Italian fighter jet issued a mayday call, one minute before this Airbus went into it's descent. The jet was in clear view of the doomed airliner, and returned to base afterwards.  This is documented, yet the mayday call has never been published.  The Italian turned around after witnessing the remote takeover, because he was not authorized to go into French airspace.  Several French fighter jets were at the edge of where this Italian fighter jet was allowed to fly, poised to stop him if he tried to enter French airspace.  Witnesses on the ground saw these French fighter jets following the airbus the entire time.  As soon as It crashed, they immediately left the area, rather than report & respond to the scene. A few of the news stations mentioned the jets, but all remarks & footage of them was immediately removed!  Unfortunately for these Zio-scumbags, I have some screen shots proving the lies!


0_0_0_0_301_232_csupload_67015156In conclusion, what could be the reason this planed was purposely allowed to crash?  As part of the move we are seeing towards automation.  We will no longer need pilots.  This can already be seen in the automobile industry, as they are attempting to sell us on the idea of self driving cars.  The evil elite want total control of everything-both in the air & on the ground!